What shapes of diamonds do exist? What is a fancy shape diamond?

Any other shape than a round brilliant is called a fancy shape diamond. They are a beautiful option to help you create a more unique design. 

Fancy shape diamonds can be segmented into different types, from which many variations can be created:

Round-Edge Fancies: Oval, Pear, Marquise and Heart


Step Cut Fancies: Emerald cut, Asscher, Carre, Baguette and Trapezoid.

Modified Cut Fancies: Princess, Cushion and Radiant.


Depending on the shape, the light is reflected in a different way, changing the brilliance of your ring. In order to  make the characteristics of a fancy shape have a positive impact into your ring’s look, it is very important to choose the right proportion of the gemstone.

Bellow you will see an example of two pear shaped gems with different proportions
Due to its proportions, the right one looks slightly more elongated than the left one: