Why should I use Spheni Switzerland’s Bespoke Engagement Ring Service?

Besides “I made this for you” being much more romantic than “I bought this for you”, there a many reasons to use our service to create one of the most significant rings of your life:

  1. You will get the maximum out of your budget, because we don’t have a fix stock of gems and can directly access diamond suppliers and skip middlemen within the supply chain of gemstones.
  2. You have the opportunity to let us find the perfect center stone for your significant other, instead of choosing from a limited selection.
  3. During the whole process we want to be your sounding board in helping finding out what might suit your significant other and what is technically feasible (e.g. smaller stones lend themselves to a higher setting). Because we are diamond experts, designers and goldsmiths at the same time, we have well rounded experience in all key elements surrounding an engagement ring.