Do I really need an advisor to buy a diamond or an engagement ring?

There are many options to buy diamonds online or through diamond dealers and it could seem like a very convenient and easy way to get a good deal. This being said, many of our clients experienced being more confused, however, after researching and visiting different diamond dealers, than to begin with. Looking at a pair of diamonds, for example, with exactly the same characteristics (4 C’s, as per the stones’ individual certificates), the prices varied significantly. An aspect easily overseen is that different types of laboratory certificates exist (e.g. GIA, IGA, …). Depending on the certificate, characteristics such as color could have the same letter grading (e.g. D, E, F, etc.), but not the same color (an “I” from one lab does not have to have the same color as an “I” from another lab). Helping you reach true comparability, supporting you beyond the 4 C’s and eventually enabling you to make a decision, is where we come in.