Where can I meet you?

In Switzerland we usually meet our clients where it is most convenient for them. We have different meeting spots in many Swiss cities. For our international clients we are happy to travel and meet them personally, if requested. But we also offer remote advisory over video calls, phone or e-mail. All our jewellery can be shipped by a fully insured courier (Malca Amit) to any location.

How can I take care of my jewellery?

Gems and diamond jewellery are sensitive to external influences. Even diamonds can chip or crack if they hit against a hard object.

Each type of gem demand a different type of care, but we generally recommend the following:

  • Don’t wear your jewellery while showering or bathing and avoid contact with lotion, perfume, hairspray, sun screen, cosmetics etc.
  • Don’t wear your jewellery while cleaning, gardening, working out or hiking. Aggressive cleaning products, chlorinated and salt water could impact the color of the metals and harm the gem stones.
  • We strongly advise against swimming with your jewellery. Cold water makes your finger shrink and you risk it to lose rings and chlorinated water is harmful for fine jewellery.
  • If it is a piece you wear regularly, bring it to a jeweller once a year to get the settings checked. Daily use could loosen them.

Each jewellery will come with a specific care instruction.