Bespoke Jewelry

The bespoke jewellery service is intended for clients who would like to create something extraordinary and tailor-made to their desires and personality.

Additionally they have the chance to accompany the whole process of the creation: From conceiving the project, designing the piece, sourcing the gem stones, metals and other materials to the production. During this journey, the Spheni Switzerland Gemologist, goldsmiths and designer will personally stay right by your side, providing her expertise and support.

This unique service will allow you to have a very personal relationship to the created piece and a rare insight into the world of gemstones and high jewelry.

Spheni Switzerland goes the extra mile for you by having their team travelling to many parts of the world to personally find and select the desired gemstone.

Bespoke Jewelry FAQ

In Switzerland we usually meet our clients where it is most convenient for them. We have different meeting spots in many Swiss cities. For our international clients we are happy to travel and meet them personally, if requested. But we also offer remote advisory over video calls, phone or e-mail. All our jewellery can be shipped by a fully insured courier (Malca Amit) to any location.

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Gems and diamond jewellery are sensitive to external influences. Even diamonds can chip or crack if they hit against a hard object.

Each type of gem demand a different type of care, but we generally recommend the following:

  • Don’t wear your jewellery while showering or bathing and avoid contact with lotion, perfume, hairspray, sun screen, cosmetics etc.
  • Don’t wear your jewellery while cleaning, gardening, working out or hiking. Aggressive cleaning products, chlorinated and salt water could impact the color of the metals and harm the gem stones.
  • We strongly advise against swimming with your jewellery. Cold water makes your finger shrink and you risk it to lose rings and chlorinated water is harmful for fine jewellery.
  • If it is a piece you wear regularly, bring it to a jeweller once a year to get the settings checked. Daily use could loosen them.

Each jewellery will come with a specific care instruction.

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All our Jadeite jewellery will be delivered with an in-house appraisal, confirming the stones’ classification. We only sell “Type A” Jadeites, which means that the gem did not undergo any type of treatment.

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All our diamonds and gems above 1 carat will come with a certificate from GIA or another reputable laboratory.

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All bespoke jewellery come with an in-house appraisal for your insurance. If you need help to insure your jewellery we can put you in touch with a specialist (in Switzerland only).

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Our design and advisory service is free if you create and buy jewellery with us. In case you need help for buying jewellery elsewhere or wish an independent opinion on a gem or diamond, please get in touch with us. We are happy to make you an offer.

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It very much depends on what you are looking for and how fast you can make decisions. It could take just a few weeks or several months if your looking for a rare gem. Once the gems have been sourced and you have decided for a design, we can estimate more accurately when the jewellery can be delivered.

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Besides “I made this” being much more nicer than “I bought this”, there a many reasons to use our service to create uniq jewellery pieces:

  1. You will get the maximum out of your budget, because we don’t have a fix stock of gems or jewellery and we can directly access gem suppliers and skip middlemen within the supply chain of gemstones.
  2. You have the opportunity to let us create a piece of jewellery that has never been made or that you always wanted to have, instead of choosing from a “ready to wear” selection.
  3. During the whole process we want to be your sounding board in helping finding out what might suit you and what is technically feasible. Because we are gem and diamond experts, designers and goldsmiths at the same time, we have well rounded experience in all key elements surrounding any type of jewellery.
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