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Based on over 40 years of gemstone dealing experience Spheni Switzerland was founded as a brand of QAS Switzerland GmbH in 2018 to offer a personalised experience in creating bespoke engagement rings and any other type of jewelry.

We feel that the selection for engagement rings is very standardised and that many first time buyers are overwhelmed with this task. By educating our clients on the topic and walking hand-in-hand through the whole process, we are able to achieve unique and hyper personalised end results. 

Meet The Team

“Our service adds value for our clients, as they will be advised by someone who is a trained jewelry designer, goldsmith and diamond grader, with more than 20 years of experience”

Sylvia Quispe, Diamond Expert

“In addition to our bespoke services, we offer our clients a carefully curated collection of extraordinary fine jewelry through our online shop.”

Carolina Newton, Founder Spheni Switzerland
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